BackupPC web interface

You need your D-PHYS login name and password to log in.

With the web interface, you can

  • browse through the available backups of the machines assigned to your account and the backed up files,
  • download single files or directories from a backup as ZIP or tar archive,
  • request restores to the original machine or any other machine assigned to your account in BackupPC,
  • schedule immediate full or incremental backups (e.g. to backup the machine just before leave ETH for a journey),
  • interrupt and reschedule currently running backups, and
  • view log files, e.g. in case of backup or restore errors.


After logging in you see a summary of currently running jobs and failures that need attention.

Click on Host Summary to get a summary of all hosts assigned to your D-PHYS account:

Summary of all assigned hosts

To see the backups of a single host, click on the host name in the host summary or choose the host from the pull-down menu on the top left.

Summary of all backups of a single host

This is called the home page of that host.

Browse and Restore

To restore one or more files, choose the appropriate backup in the list of backups of the host. Then navigate to the directory the files are located in and check the box in front of the files or subdirectories to restore.

Browse Backups

After having selected all the files or directories you need from the backup, click on Restore selected files. Then you can select in which way you want to restore the files. You can either let them restore to their original place on the backup client, to some directory on some other backup client of yours, or download the selected files and directories as ZIP or tar archive with the web browser.

Restoring files

Schedule Immediate Backup

To schedule an immediate backup, e.g. before leaving for a journey, navigate to the home page of the host. Then choose either a full backup (all files are transfered to the backup server) or an incremental backup (only files changed since the last backup are transfered). Then confirm that you want to start a backup of that host now.

Schedule an immediate incremental backup

Interrupt and Reschedule Backup

If the backup takes too much performance and you need the computer's performance currently yourself, you can stop the current backup from the home page of that host and tell the system for how many hours it should not continue to backup the computer.

Interrupt a running backup and/or reschedule a backup