BackupPC : List of excluded folders

For technical and practical reasons we have to exclude certain folders from being backed up.

  • No private data (e.g. holiday pictures, your MP3 collection, etc.) should be backed up. To enforce this policy, the following directories, among others, are not backed up by default (independent at which directory level, so be careful when naming a subdirectory of your project Pictures):
    • Music, Eigene Musik, and My Music
    • Movies, Eigene Videos, and My Videos
    • Pictures, PICTURES, Eigene Bilder, and My Pictures
    • Eigene DVDs, and My DVDs
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
  • The following files cannot be backed up while they are in use:
    • hiberfil.sys, pagefile.sys and some more such files which are always in use on Windows, and cannot be backed up at all.
    • outlook.pst (can only be backed up if Outlook is not running)
  • Directories with files scheduled for deletion will not be backed up either:
    • RECYCLER, .Trash, .Trashes, etc.
  • Temporary data or data not meant for backup will not be backed up either. So by default the following directories are skipped, too:
    • WINDOWS/Temp, scratch, System Volume Information, Temporary Internet Files
    • Common mount points: /tmp, /floppy, /cdrom, /media, /mnt, /dev, /proc, /sys, /net, /dvd, /afs, /private/tmp, /target, /zip, /amd, /var/tmp, /run, /var/run, /var/cache, /var/lock, etc.
    • .Spotlight*, .MobileBackups, Library/Saved Application State, Library/Caches and caches under Library/Mail
    • nobackup, Nobackup, NoBackup, NoBackUp